Pre-sale service

  Product selection: It is very important to choose a heat transfer oil suitable for your process conditions. Our experienced technical engineers will provide you with scientific selection of heat transfer oil, cost-effective economic evaluation and thermal oil heating system solutions. The comparison and evaluation of oil use temperature, thermal stability, heat transfer performance, vapor pressure, flammability, corrosivity, toxicity, economy, etc. are preferred, and the performance, characteristics and use limitations of different heat transfer oil products are introduced to you objectively and objectively. Sex and its special requirements for equipment to help you choose the right price heat transfer oil that meets your needs.

  "Transparent Oil Application Manual" request, please dial: 400-8810-018

 Sale service

  Use training: We can provide customized training services according to your needs to help you become an expert in the use of heat transfer oil. In the course of using the product, our engineers will answer your questions about the use of the product.

  Equipment cleaning: During the long-term use of heat transfer oil, it is easy to coke in the pipeline of the system and deposit carbon. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the heat transfer effect, and even cause a safety accident in serious cases. We can develop a professional cleaning solution according to the use of heat transfer oil and equipment.

  Transportation Logistics: You can call the real-time dynamics of the transportation at any time to give you peace of mind.

 After sales service

  Periodic testing: From the moment our products are delivered to our customers, a complete after-sales service system will work for you 24/7. When your heat transfer oil system is about to reach the maintenance cycle, we will take the initiative to call to remind the oil sample monitoring, data collection, and help you to find problems and eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner, improve the system's operational safety and extend the service life of the heat transfer oil.

  Free testing: 500ml oil samples are sent to us every six months using heat-conducting oil for 10, 30, 90 days and beyond. Jiuxing Thermal Oil will provide you with free testing service. And through the detection of various indicators to help customers timely grasp the current operating state of the heat transfer oil to ensure the stable operation of the system.