E-Times Star Service

  1. When selecting organic heat carrier: provide physical and chemical indicators, heat transfer oil selection, and system analysis services;

  2. When designing the oil furnace system: provide physical data such as Plant number, kinematic viscosity and thermal conductivity;

  3. When the customer needs to use oil: a telephone, the supplier will handle the transportation and realize the door-to-door service;

  4. When using Jiu Xing products for the first time: provide "heat transfer oil instruction manual" and "heat transfer oil safety technical specification (MSDS)";

  5. When the system energy consumption rises: the organic heat carrier samples for free testing, according to the degree of carbonation, provide different types of heat-conducting oil energy-saving cleaning and repairing agents and formulate cleaning plans;

  6. When you want to know more about it: Provide Bao Qipei with a 136,000-word 150-page "heat transfer oil application manual";

  7. When applying Jiu Xing products: the organic heat carrier samples for free testing, tracking the physical and chemical indicators throughout the process, drawing the life curve, and finding the best use plan to provide to the user in writing;

  8. When the oil furnace system is sick: Senior experts diagnose the organic heat carrier system and implement the organic heat carrier rehabilitation project to restore the system with disease operation to normal;

  9. When receiving customer assistance: propose a solution within 4 hours; in special circumstances, send staff to the site for guidance within 24 hours;

  10. When the network is online, www.9xchem.com (Jiusing Thermal Oil Network) can answer industry questions and become a platform for information exchange and mutual learning between organic heat carrier friends;

  11. When reducing operating costs: provide heat-conducting oil-saving online cleaning agent, heat-conducting oil energy-saving repairing agent, heat-conducting oil life-increasing agent to extend the service life of organic heat carrier;

  12. When attending the lectures: Open an organic heat carrier knowledge lecture to provide professional knowledge training for the majority of users.