Long star strength

  1. Since its establishment in 1997, Shanghai Jiuxing Thermal Oil Co., Ltd. has built two production bases in Pudong and Qidong after 20 years of development, covering an area of 15,000 square meters. It is a research and development, production, sales and service. An integrated mineral, synthetic heat transfer oil and heat transfer oil derivative products, such as online cleaning agents, heat transfer oil repair agents and other professional manufacturers. On December 26, 2014, Jiuxing Company was listed in the Shanghai Equity Exchange Center. The company is referred to as “Jiuxing Shares”, stock code E100341, and the total share capital is 13 million shares.

  2, a long time talent. Jiuxing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in post-80s employees, with 30% of technicians, including 1 senior engineer, 3 engineers, 3 masters and 4 undergraduates.

  3, the perfect testing equipment: (1) analog distillation instrument (2) distillation range measuring instrument (3) moisture analyzer (4) acid value analyzer (5) freezing point measuring instrument (6) kinematic viscosity measuring instrument ( 7) Flash point measuring instrument (opening, closed) (8) Carbon residue measuring instrument (9) Sulfur chloride measuring instrument (10) Gas chromatograph (11) Dielectric loss measuring instrument (12) Withstand voltage tester (13) COD On-line measuring instrument (14) PH online measuring instrument (15) visible spectrophotometer (16) centrifuge and the like.

  Long-star system

  1. ISO9001 quality management system to achieve full control and traceability of heat transfer oil production quality.

  2, ERP process management system, the development of procurement, production, sales and other processes, to achieve seamless integration of production, supply and marketing, process management, system management.

  3. Improve the salary system and transform Jiuxing into a long-term platform to inspire talented employees to display their talents in the Jiuxing platform.

  4, performance appraisal system, clear goals, responsibility to people, work and wages linked.

  5, data management system, according to one household and one file to establish thousands of supply and marketing customer information, unified coding to cabinet, folder, this classification management, requiring 5 minutes to find the customer's purchase contract, logistics payment and chat records.

  Jiu Xing honor

  1. Won the Shanghai five-star credit enterprise.

  2. Two high-tech achievements transformation projects were certified.

  3. Received 650,000 yuan from two Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Innovation Funds.

  4. The second edition of the Heat Transfer Oil Application Manual was published by East China University of Science and Technology Press.

  5. 9 utility model patent projects were certified.

  6. Five invention patent applications are pending.

  7. The long-term “One Drop Oil” trademark was successfully registered.

  8. The two trademarks “Jiuxing” and “SOLOD” were successfully registered.

  9. Two mineral heat transfer oils, three synthetic heat transfer oil products passed the national type test.

  10. Heat transfer oil (DB31/T229-1999) and mineral oil type organic heat carrier (DB31/T229-2011) are the main drafting units of Shanghai local standards.

  11. He is a member of the Standing Committee of the Organic Heat Carrier Professional Technical Committee of the China Water Treatment Association.

  Jiuxing is not only a supplier of heat transfer oil products, but also a service provider of heat transfer oil applications. With the purpose of extending service, we regularly check the indicators of heat transfer oil, solve the problems in the use of heat transfer oil, find the best use conditions of heat transfer oil, repair the physical and chemical indicators of heat transfer oil, clean the heat transfer system of heat transfer oil, and reduce the use cost of heat transfer oil. Extend the service life of the heat transfer oil to make the supply and demand sides mutually beneficial.

  Based on the majestic goal of realizing the Chinese dream, Jiu Xing Company has achieved a long-term dream of 3,000 tons of synthetic high-temperature heat-conducting oil and 5,000 tons of mineral-type heat-conducting oil in the next five years. The output value exceeds 100 million yuan and the per capita sales are 1.5 million. Forever "long" pursuit, with "Star" service, striving for the leading company in China's heat transfer oil industry!

  Jiuxing Headquarters: 22D, No. 86, Maoxing Road, Shanghai, switchboard: 021-58708588

  Shanghai Factory: No. 229-4, Liangle Road, Laogang Industrial Park, Shanghai, Tel: 4008-810-018

  Qidong Factory: No. 8 Shanghai Road, Qidong Binjiang Chemical Park, Tel: 0513-83201358