What should I do if the heat transfer oil boiler is out of power?

Date: 2018-11-11 Source: Shanghai JiuxingViews:Loading...

The heat transfer oil boiler is a high-risk equipment. When the power is suddenly cut off, the oil pump of the equipment will stop working, the heat transfer oil in the pipeline will stop flowing, and the fuel in the equipment will continue to burn (electric heating will also There is excess heat), which will cause the oil temperature in the boiler to continue to rise, causing the heat transfer oil to overheat and coke. At this time, many friends have a problem. What should I do if the heat transfer oil boiler is out of power? How can I avoid the coking and charring of the heat transfer oil in the heat transfer oil boiler? Don't worry, let's learn together.

Some technicians have a consensus that the high-speed heat transfer oil boiler suddenly loses power, and they will immediately use cold oil replacement. When the circulating oil pump cannot be operated due to power failure, the oil temperature inside the furnace tube tends to exceed the normal value of the heat transfer oil within 1-2 minutes due to the residual heat of the furnace. At this time, it is better to quickly open the cold oil switching valve. The cold oil in the expansion tank passes through the furnace and then flows into the oil storage tank. At the same time, it is urgently shut down. The processing time is preferably controlled for five minutes. within. Of course, this control is difficult to achieve within five minutes, which needs to be achieved through auxiliary means. We can add a backup generator. When the power is off, the backup generator will automatically generate electricity, so that the circulating oil pump can continue to operate, and the technician can do the above operation.

After reading this article, I hope that my friends will be able to handle the loss of economic losses when they encounter power failures in heat transfer oil boilers.


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